Looking for freshness ?

Where to swim ?

What better way to enjoy the summer than with a refreshing swim ? We have compiled a list of places where you can enjoy a swim... but not only that ! All of this is designed to help you have a great time in and around Saône-et-Loire.

Office de tourisme Saône Doubs Bresse

Pool of Verdun-sur-le-Doubs

There's nothing better than the Verdun-sur-le-Doubs swimming pool to cool off! The aquatic centre combines the pleasure of swimming, having fun and relaxing.

It has a large 25m pool, a learning pool, a large paddling pool, a fountain, 3 slides and a relaxation area, all in water heated to 27°C !


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Office de Tourisme Beaune & Pays Beaunois + Lyonnaise des Eaux

Beaune Côté Plage

At Beaune Côté Plage, take advantage of slides, diving boards and aquagym classes, all spread over 4 pools with natural filtration ! Enough to delight the whole family.


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Mairie La Chapelle Saint Sauveur

The Chapelle Saint Sauveur

With its natural swimming pool, the Chapelle Saint-Sauveur offers you a real living observatory of nature in an aquatic environment. Swimming pool, volleyball court, refreshment bar, everything is gathered to have a good time during the summer !


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Lac de chour

Chour lake

The Chour lake is a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, with an area for inflatable games, pedal boats and swimming, as well as picnic areas, a snack bar and a restaurant.


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Rozenn Krebel

Laives Lake

The leisure centre of Laives, made of 3 lakes, offers the possibility of swimming but also of fishing ! Paddle, pedal boat, kayak rental will allow you to have fun during your summer. A camping area and a disc golf course are also available, so you can have a great time !


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Bresse Haute Seille communauté de communes

Desnes leisure area

This Jurassian leisure area includes a swimming area, inflatable games and pedal boat hire. You can also relax at the snack bar or play volleyball, badminton and pétanque on the grounds !


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