Fishing for novices

How to do it ?

You rarely fish and you don't know what rules to follow? We are here to help you!

First of all, you need a fishing licence. Indeed, it is compulsory to be able to fish in fresh water. Don't worry, at the tourist office we sell them, and if we are closed, other establishments offer this service.

This is where you can find fishing cards


Crazy pêche

Equipment for all levels

Fishing rods, baits, suitable clothing, whatever you are looking for, you are bound to find it.


What do we fish and where ?

For beginners, the whitebait is the ideal way to start the activity. The small Doubs is full of them, you can find bleak, gudgeon, roach... which can be caught without limitation and cooked afterwards.

A fishing holiday in Saône Doubs Bresse is possible!

Would you like to sit by the water in an idyllic setting and stay there as long as possible? The Gruyère pond is for you!

Fishing by day and night is possible. Carp, roach, pike, black bass, tench...the pond is supplied with numerous fish.

To prolong the pleasure of fishing, two unusual huts can be rented. It is also possible to pitch a tent for the more adventurous.

For experts

Sport fishing enthusiasts, you know the technical terms of this practice. No kill courses, reserves, categories and others are presented on an interactive map. Consult it before your fishing session!

Discover the interactive map

Fishing competition

AAPPMA Saône et Doubs
Pêche au silure AAPPMA Saône et Doubs
Jean-Paul GOLLIN
Tanches et carpes Jean-Paul GOLLIN
Matériel pêche Rozenn KREBEL
Fédération de pêche de Saône et Loire
Pêche Fédération de pêche de Saône et Loire

Are you a boater or fisherman and your boat needs maintenance? A few metres from the port of Verdun-sur-le-Doubs, Matthieu is there to help you! You can also find all kinds of nautical equipment and accessories in his shop.

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Pêche au silure AAPPMA Saône et Doubs
Tanches et carpes Jean-Paul GOLLIN
Matériel pêche Rozenn KREBEL
Pêche Fédération de pêche de Saône et Loire