Getting on the road

In total freedom

Going for a ride on horseback on these paths means leaving the riding school or the quarry and heading straight for the trails between forest paths, alluvial meadows and cultivated plains. So follow this emblematic route and discover its natural, gastronomic and architectural treasures!

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Preparing your trip

Get the "Dartagnane"

Don't leave without your European Musketeer's Booklet, which, depending on your route, may allow you to be rewarded with certifications.

Take your "Musketeer's Booklet" with you on your walk and have it stamped at each of your stops as proof of the kilometres you have covered.

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Exploration between forests, farmland and rivers

Trotte la Vivelle
At the service of riders

Trotte la Vivelle

Do you need assistance or advice to continue your horseback ride? Trotte la Vivelle, an equestrian tourism centre located in the heart of the Bresse, is at your disposal!

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